My New Favorite Podcast Ever For Today

I am now sickeningly addicted to the HPPodcraft, the HP Lovecraft literary podcast. It's free on iTunes, and I emphatically plea to any who have yet to concede their will to the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep: Hark, lest your clean, deluded mind be driven to unspeakable madness as you suffer to be eaten last!

Mid-Century X-Files

The XCOM reboot game is by the same creators of Bioshock and Bioshock 2. And while those 2 brilliant games combined great (and disturbing) stories, memorable characters, salty language, and vile gore with glorious art deco, it looks like this time they are adding oily aliens and replacing the art deco with mid-century modernism and atomic age design. I can't wait.


My favorite Egyptian blogger

Al Jazeera English has just reported that Sandmonkey has been arrested, but "escaped". His Blog has been suspended. I finally got on the Twit just to follow him.